I thought that I liked to improvise on EA sports category games in your EA game.Category games is off hours games sports athletes play like air hockey,table hockey should be put in and table soccer.Shuffle board and marbles.Marbles with super action abilities and power ups,magic.This would be really great to have is a marbles games.Super players to pick.Maybe with pinball and many types of marble games and boards,courses around the world and invented.Get the marbles to do video game powers.Champlonships.Big ball to small balls launched different grips for faster and slower,I guess like pool.Soccer players must play marbles.A comic version of marbles with cartoon power abilities.Handball.Handball off the wall with the lines drawn up on school wall.Square for the handball courts.Use of your hand in paddle swing to bounce once hit within boundries.Under hand cup and long distance to drop off the wall.Between the legs.Starting to serve and all 5 players and more til its narrowed down.Handball courts.Use racketball ball and tennis ball.Pat the ball off the wall.Lines on the wall court squarish shape and is higher than the players.Line half way up and you hit the ball off one bounce with the boundry off the wall.Does'nt matter how far and what angle.You must counter.Drop short bounce and win.Setup.Serve is a fast wack sideways,many serves,under hand and some know the forehand.Ball must drop within the square boundry.Drop once.Second out.One bounce off wall out and loss of serve.Big high basketball serve and bounce.Arf form in a battle.Many Asia races,guess soccer.Bounce the ball and it hits someone.Aim.Go back as far for serve or very close,medium.Elimination game.Gain points,lead and wins.Tournaments for video games to work on.Hands.Types of balls for bounce.On the roof over.Predict as a master.Acrobatics.Dive stop the short drop shot.Save getup and get in rhythm,medium at least.

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